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10 Best Parks in the Greater Toronto Area for Picnics.

Toronto, Canada is one of the most amazing cities in all of North America. Of course, we are a little bias as we have lived here all our lives. However, we definitely live in a large metropolis full of green space in respect to many other large cities around the world and there are endless possibilities to host a gorgeous picnic.

To choose the perfect spot for your picnic can be a task with so many options. A luxury picnic is the new trend around Toronto, where you can choose from a simple setup with just a table, pillows, blankets and all the essentials needed, or you can opt in to big or go home! From a custom balloon garland as tall as the trees, to a vintage cabana that gives your picnic a finished look.

Just like choosing a picnic destination in Toronto, the add-on options are endless when you choose COZY PIC-NIC EVENTS, to host your next occasion.

There are quite a few parks that we feel should be recognized, whether it's for the view the park offers, the lovely greenery and privacy, or just the wonderful location in the city, we decided to compile our favourite spots to hold the most memorable picnic and we decided to share it with our amazing clientele.

The following is a list compiled by COZY, of the nicest parks to relax and hold a picnic event in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Humber Bay Park East ^

  1. Humber Bay Park (East and West) - Beach Vibes with a beautiful view

  2. Music Gardens - Scenic and Aesthetically beautiful park near the downtown core

  3. Edward Gardens/ SunnyBrook Park - Beautiful Paths of outdoor garden areas available

  4. G Ross Lord Park- Green with a lot of forestry, private areas with water view available

  5. Bluffers Park- Waterfront view with the Scarborough Bluffs

  6. Etienne Brule Park- On the Humber River

  7. Dufferin Grove Park - Farmers Market Year Round Every Thursday from 3- 7 PM

  8. Earl Bales Park- View of North York, Green and kid friendly

  9. Colonel Samuel Smith Park - Best view of Downtown Toronto and waterfront

  10. Port Credit Beach - Small, semi private beach views in Mississauga

G Ross Lord Park^

Each and every one of these options has something special about the park chosen. Of course, there are hundreds of options and beautiful parks in the city, but we decided to choose the ones that we love creating beautiful setups in and are popular for many reasons!

When choosing COZY for a picnic, perhaps selecting one of these parks can help save you time by choosing one the following suggested locations. We can gladly help you choose the right place, according to your location and preferences.

When finding the right spot for your occasion, we always consider any requests from our clientele and try to select a shady spot, with either a nice view or some privacy.

Toronto Music Gardens ^

Hosting in public areas, it is not always possible to find the most private spot. However, we constantly try to pick what we think, would be the best of the best!

If you have an idea of a location you would like your next event held, please let us know and we will accommodate it. Keeping in mind, we bring lots of equipment on site and need an accessible spot with either a path or parking lot near by. All you need to do is show up and relax! Contact us for more information and to book Today.

Contact for available on our Home Page.

Etienne Brule Park ^

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