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Why you won't find any tropical fruit on our tables & we're NOT sorry!

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

If you take a look at our photos, you won't find a single tropical fruit like all the other companies use to fill their tables up as decorations. SORRY, but not sorry lemon water lovers.

At Cozy Pic-Nic Events, we recognize the importance of using local and sustainable ingredients, and YES, pineapples are delicious fruits that would look absolutely gorgeous on one of our LUXURY GRAZE TABLES, but have you ever seen a pineapple grow in ONTARIO?

"Sustainable agriculture enables us to produce healthful food without compromising future generations' ability to do the same. Sustainable eating is about choosing foods that are healthful to our environment and our bodies."

Local Foods help us support local farmers and small businesses which keeps the local economy strong. Not only that, but why wouldn't you want to eat the apple that grew only 20 KM's from your home?

Seasonal, because we all know that strawberries don't grow in the freezing -30 C weather of Canada, so why can we find them in stores year-round? Well, this ties in with buying local and whatever is in season, even if our season is short. By buying strawberries from mexico in the middle of winter, you are supporting big mono-crop farmers who are paid unfairly and companies like MONSANTO, who are infamously known for their GMO seeds and the reason for many farmers' suicides worldwide.On a bright note...... Cherry season is just around the corner in Ontario....yum!

That's why Cozy is on a mission to partner with as many local businesses for our add-ons and our stunning Charcuterie boards, from local cheese to local heritage grains from Ontario! Stay tuned for a post on our product partners and who they are. Help support these small businesses by choosing ours.

With Love from Cozy Picnics