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Due to high volume, deposits of 50% of the set-up fee are non-refundable.


If weather conditions are not optimal, it is your due diligence to contact cozy picnics to reschedule 24 hours before a planned event, otherwise the event will be considered on, rain or shine and you will be charged fully.

All payments are due 24 hours prior to the event and in case of cancellation or rescheduling, will be refunded back minus the 50% non-refundable deposit.


Deposits will be held for rescheduled events and not- recharged again.


Cancellation is possible minimum 24 hours in advance, 50% deposit will not be refunded.


Credit Card numbers are needed to hold your reservation.


Rescheduling can occur anytime in the next year (365 days) from the planned date, depending on availability.


Home set-ups can be arranged due to weather conditions if 24+ hour notice is provided.


Space set-ups are not guaranteed in particular spots requested.


If planning an indoor/ private residence event and alcohol will be or present or requested, we require to see an ID stating the event host is over 19 years of age.


You are welcome to bring your own food to our set-ups. However, the following policy applies;

  1. Any customer who is to bring food not ordered or arranged by the COZY PIC-NIC EVENTS caterers to the set-up, the client must meet a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the event with the food to be arranged by the Cozy Team.

  2. Any food not ordered or arranged by Cozy Pic-nic Events is subject to a fee of $50.00, in the case of the food is requested to be arranged by Cozy. This fee covers the labour, the rental use of equipment (i.e. boards and decorative platters) and the clean-up of all food items/ garbage.

  3. In the case that the client declines these services, the client is in charge of the disposal of any garbage or food scraps produced. However, Cozy will collect all dirty dishes. Any boards or decorative platters will not be provided, and the arrangement of food will be your own responsibility.

Any items broken during an event are subject to a review and may or may not be charged to the account provided at the time of booking to replace the item/ equal cost.


Cozy Pic-Nic Events is a paperless company and all services are subject to change in price, and availability without notice.

All bookings must be done a minimum of 72 hours in advance with a 50% deposit of the set-up fee paid at the time of booking. If booking occurs less than 72 hours in advance by special exceptions, full price must be paid up front.

At this time, we are working on a credit card system and only accept e-transfer for a contact free payment.

We are not responsible for any issues with outsourced services or third party suppliers that are recommended through our website.


 By agreeing to our services you agree to our Terms & Conditions set-out automatically.

Terms and Conditions        

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